Wednesday, 23 November 2011

And Now For Something Completely Different - Well Not Quite!

Well at the weekend I took a break from my world of RC helicopters and tried something else rather exciting. A friend and I went over to Bruntingthorpe race track and aerodrome, near Lutterworth in Leicestershire, to have a go at driving some supercars with Trackdays/6th Gear. There was a bit of a raw wind blowing and by the time we were called over for our drives, having had a preview lap being driven round in a Range Rover Sport, we didn't know if we were shaking with excitement or cold!

Lamborgini Gallardo

I had chosen the Lamborghini Gallardo, which was sensationally quick and gripped the track like you wouldn't believe. The only problem I found with this car was that I had trouble finding the brake pedal which meant that I was looking to come off the power early to locate it. The difficulty is that not only is the space between the pedals small, not a problem for me as my feet aren't large, but there was something that stuck out above the brake pedal and I kept catching my foot on that stopping me hitting the brake.

My friend however had no such problem in her chosen supercar, the Ferrari F430, in classic Ferrari red and managed to outscore me. Next time Fi!!!
Ferrari F430
For thrill seekers who love cars it's a must do. How does it compare with flying an RC helicopter for fun? Different! They are both unbelievable in their own ways...but I tell you what, you can get alot of flying time for the price of a supercar drive.

It sure was a brilliant day and the company made it all the more so...thanks again Fi.

What the day did do was set me could hear the cogs whirring...the companies that do experiences like this for thrill seekers do cars, helicopters, planes, tanks etc etc etc. Now maybe someone could come up with something similar so people can experience the amazing fun of flying an RC helicopter. Maybe start them off with 1/2 hour instruction on a flight simulator before a try at a co-axial helicopter and then the indomitable little Blade mSR before letting them lose on having a go on a big bird...something like a nitro (the noise just adds to the adrenaline rush) helicopter of at least a 600 size - impressive in the air and stable. This would have to be harnessed to a buddy box so that an experienced pilot could get them up and down safely. Top it all off with a demo from a crack 3D pilot, like this...

...and I think it would be a real thrill for people and a brilliant taster of a rapidly growing hobby.

So, if someone out there takes my idea up and makes a fortune from it...please send me a slice!!!

For now, HAVE FUN!!!

These guys certainly did:

                                                       The Other Way To Use A Buddy Box!!!

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